About Us

Our Vision

To decrease harm caused by gambling to individuals, families and communities.

NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Service manages Warruwi Gambling Help program. The Organisation is an Aboriginal owned service which has 100% Aboriginal staff. The Warruwi Gambling Help program consists of 6 key functions, they are:

  • Education
    Deliver Aboriginal Gambling Information Workshops
  • Awareness
    Increase the awareness of gambling and harm caused to community, families and individuals.
  • Community Engagement
    Build relationships and work with local services plus identify Aboriginal Safe Gambling Ambassadors in each community.
  • Help
    To provide a free 1800 phone service for support, education, referrals and information
  • Action
    Facilitate the development of local Community Strategies and Community Grants program
  • Cultural Awareness
    To provide cultural support, training and direction  for Gambling Counselling Services

Our Objectives

  • To raise community awareness about gambling, related issues and local interventions for Aboriginal people
  • To provide information on local gambling related issues and how they can be addressed
  • To provide information to local gambling services, including community engagement, consultation and client support
  • To provide opportunities for Aboriginal Community members & service providers to talk about gambling issues and impacts on their families.
  • Encourage the discussion and acknowledgement of gambling and related problems as an important issue within the Aboriginal community
  • Provide information about gambling interventions and available services
  • Facilitate collaboration between local stakeholders in Aboriginal and mainstream settings
  • Facilitate cultural awareness discussions and strategies

Who We Are

Mr Ashley Gordon

Ashley is an Aboriginal Australian from the western-NSW community of Brewarrina, a descendent of the Gamilaroi (mother) and Ngemba (father).

After a successful career in rugby league with the Newcastle Knights, Ashley is actively involved in a variety of community issues with extensive experience working with Aboriginal communities throughout Australia. Ashley has vast experience in the field of problem gambling focusing on community education, program design, development and delivery for Indigenous peoples and communities.

However gambling is his passion highlighted by the appointment to the federal Ministerial Expert Advisory Group on Gambling and the Expert Advisory Group for the Australian Gambling Research centre. Previously a gambling counsellor with seven years’ experience and four years has a gambling researcher with the Centre for Gambling Education and Research at Southern Cross University at Lismore.  One focus of late is analysing Aboriginal Healing Programs and their effectiveness on Aboriginal problem gamblers.

He currently manages the NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Services funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund, Liquor and Gaming NSW. The State-wide program targets 30 Aboriginal communities across NSW each year.

As a consultant, Ashley has a long-term objective to be involved in the ongoing development and implementation of policies and programs that improve the well-being of Aboriginal people.

Listen to Stephen, Bernie, Thomas and Roy's stories as they describe the problems they experienced as a result of gambling.


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