Community Engagement

Our Objectives

Warruwi help identify Aboriginal Safe Gambling Ambassadors in each community.

The objectives of the Warruwi Gambling Help Program included identifying in each community a person who with adequate training and support could:

  • Raise community awareness about Aboriginal gambling and its impacts on families and the community
  • Provide ownership in the community of any gambling issues and the direction to address them – becoming the key contact in the community
  • Improving the referral process for Aboriginal people accessing gambling counselling services, working with service providers and Gambling Help services
  • Raising gambling as an issue with local support groups ie, Aboriginal Men and Women’s Groups
  • Provide quality role modelling and leadership in relation to gambling matters

Community Engagement

Community Engagement focuses on building genuine relationships with each community and encourages communication among key organisations and individuals about problem gambling.

Service providers and key targets for community engagement activities include:

  • Aboriginal Services
    Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS); Aboriginal Cooperatives, Aboriginal Support Groups, Aboriginal financial counsellors; Aboriginal legal services, local Aboriginal Lands Council, the local Men’s’ and Women Group Coordinators, Justice Group Coordinators; Drug and Alcohol Services, Aboriginal Resource Centres, Rehabilitation Facilities, financial counselling and support agencies; family and social workers;
  • Gambling Help Services
    Gambling Counselling Services, Financial Counselling Services, Social Workers
  • Government Departments
    Indigenous Coordination Centres, Area Health Services, City Council, Office of Fair Trading, Centrelink, Department of Housing, Department of Community Services, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; Hospitals, Correctional and Parole Services, Family Workers, Mental Health Workers
  • Community Groups
    Traditional Owners, Aboriginal Elders, cultural groups, art groups, sporting clubs, community members
  • Not-for-profit and welfare organisations
    Community Health Centres, Neighbourhood Centres, Salvation Army, Welfare Services

If you are interested in finding out how you can become a local ambassador please email -

If you would like us to attend or organise Community Events, work with your local services and programs around screening and referrals - click here.

Indigenous Allstars Comedians providing an important message for our people about gambling within our communities.

Warruwi Gambling Support Line

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