Warruwi deliver Aboriginal Safe Gambling Information Workshops to communities across New South Wales.

What is involved in the workshop

Warruwi workshop will cover Aboriginal Gambling Awareness including patterns, trends, cultural barriers, impacts and findings from research across Australia.

We discuss what gambling can be linked to, such as

  • Employment and Education
  • Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health
  • Relationship Problems and Domestic Violence
  • Financial Hardship and Money Problems
  • Legal Problems and Crime plus many others.
  • Barriers why Aboriginal people do not seek help
  • Advice on effective service delivery to Aboriginal people

This is an opportunity for us all to come together to talk about gambling, if you have any concerns for your community then this workshop will provide valuable information. Remember this is NOT a personal workshop it’s about talking community gambling, so it does not matter if you’re a gambler or not, we can learn and share our concerns for OUR people. If you have any questions please call Warruwi on 02 40238080 or Ashley Gordon 0409 245 597.

If you would like you express your interest in a workshop close to you - click here.

NRL Indigenous Allstars players providing an important message for our people about gambling within our communities.

Warruwi Gambling Support Line

If you are concerned about you or someone you love’s gambling, contact us today.